Refrigerant: R-410A

Wireless Remote Control

Plasma Filter: High performance electronic air cleaner removes dust and odor. (9R2, 12R2 Only)

Apple Catechin Filter: Dust and mold spores are absorbed onto the filter by static electricity.

Ion Deodorizing Filter: Deodorizes by decomposing absorbed odors using the oxidizing ions.

Inverter Compressor: Variable speed compressor provides a range of capacity. (Except 9R2, 12R2)

Moderate Low Ambient Operation:

  32°F in Cooling Mode or 17°F in Heating Mode: Systems 9R2, 12R2

  14°F in Cooling Mode or 5°F in Heating Mode: Systems 9RLFW, 12RLFW, 18RLXFW

  14°F in Cooling Mode or -5°F in Heating Mode: Systems 9RLS2, 12RLS2, 15RLS2

  0°F in Cooling Mode or 0°F Heating Mode: for Systems 24RLXFW, 30RLX

Auto Restart/Reset: In the event of a temporary power failure, these systems will automatically restart in the same operating mode as before once the power has been restored.

Auto Louver Function: This feature enhances the air distribution by enabling the user to automatically set a gentle, “air sweep” motion in various patterns from the remote control.

Dry Mode: This setting helps to control humidity levels when cooling may not be needed.

Sleep Timer: This feature automatically adjusts the temperature while you sleep to make you more comfortable.

Auto Change-Over: This feature provides a functional change from cooling to heating or vice-versa automatically depending on the desired temperature set and functional requirement.

Cold Prevention: Indoor coil will warm prior to fan operating, preventing cold air during heating mode.

Option Hardwire Remote:

With weekly timer and child lock: UTB-RNBYU for System 9R2, 12R2, 30RLX

With weekly timer and child lock: UTY-RNNUM for System 9RLFW*, 9RLS2+, 12RLFW*, 12RLS2+, 15RLS2+, 18RLXFW*, 24RLXFW*

Simple Remote for Hotels & Offices UTY-RSNUM for System 9RLFW*, 9RLS+, 12RLFW*, 12RLS+, 15RLS2+, 18RLXFW*, 24RLXFW*

*Require UTY-XCBXZ1 Interface Kit

+ Require UTY-TWBXF  Communication Kit

• Warranty: 7 Year Compressor, 5 Year Parts. Except System 30RLX 6 Years Compressor, 2 Year Parts.

COOL (BTU) 10,900
HEAT (BTU) 15,000
SEER 23.0
VOLTAGE 208-230/1
MAX. VERT. 49’
CONN. SIZE 3/8″ – 1/4″
INDOOR 11-1/16X31-1/16X8″
OUTDOOR 21-1/4X26X11-7/16″