M.J. Mac allows for any customization needs on any units.


A picture of an air conditioner unit.

Walk-In Boxes; Both Coolers and Freezers:

  • Authorized Dealer of CCI and LEER walk-in units
  • Fully customizable
  • Available in indoor, outdoor, and mobile applications
  • Can be used for grocery, deli, beverage, floral, and many more purposes.

HVAC Units:

  • Authorized dealers of Lennox Home Comfort Systems
  • Residential and Commercial units
  • Offer EnergyStar efficient furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioning units, air handlers, thermostats, ventilation systems, and boilers.

Rack Systems:

  • We can order and/or fabricate custom rack systems to fit your needs.

Display Cases:

  • We can order and/or fabricate custom display cases.
  • Cases may be refrigerated or not refrigerated
  • Used for deli, bakery, floral, beverages, etc.
  • Will protect and make your product stand out

A picture of an air conditioner unit.Tank-less and Standard Hot Water Heaters:

  • Hot water on demand
  • No wasted time waiting for your cold water to run hot.

Water Filtration Systems:

  • Commercial
  • Ensures your water is sanitary and free of impurities.

Mister Systems:

  • Used primarily by grocery stores for the produce setups
  • Helps keep the fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp

A picture of an air conditioner unit.        A picture of an air conditioner unit.

All parts and labor have a one year warranty for new installations!

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