1 pair of 108″ Powered, Unheated Air Curtains

108” The Customer Entrance Door (CED) air curtain is specially designed for high-traffic retail facilities where customer satisfaction is key. The CED creates a barrier to keep conditioned air inside the building and unconditioned/unwanted elements out. It also maximizes employee and customer comfort. The CED has a gentle airflow and its unique plenum design helps make it one of the quietest air curtains in the industry. The CED is capable of being used as an exception to vestibules, having met all the criteria set forth in various codes. It has also been tested in accordance with the ANSI/AMCA 220 Standard to be used as an exception to vestibules.

Key Design Features
• 18 gauge 304 stainless steel in a number three finish
• Heavy duty 1⁄2 HP motors. 1075 rpm each. 50/60 cycle.
• Galvanized fans
• Air intake screen is perforated stainless steel with mill grain finish
• High efficiency discharge plenum ensures that air being discharged fills the entire width and height of the opening. This also lowers the unit’s operational sound level
• All units are direct drive, which avoids misalignment of couplers and outboard bearings and eliminates belt replacement
• Can be used as an exception to vestibules

Recommended Controls
• ON/OFF Switch
• Magnetic Door Switch for activation
• Time delay relay

$9500/pair (Shipping/Pickup included)