Nugget Ice Machines Offer Superior Technology and Reliability

Modular units offer the ultimate flexibility. By selecting the bin and head unit separately, the customer can build their own custom unit. Modular units are available in cuber, flaker, and nugget machines. Recommended bins for each machine are listed under the Accessories tab. Manitowoc Ice makes it easy to chew.

Product Features

***Commercial Warranty***

3-year Parts
2-year Labor
Compressor parts for 5 years and labor for 2 years.

Space-Saving Design

Up to 1,490 lbs. (676 kgs.) daily ice production and only 30″ (76.20 cm) wide.

Designed to Last

Evaporator is designed for maximum quality and operating life

Nugget Ice

Nugget ice provides a softer, chewable texture while still providing maxiumum cooling effect, 5/8″ (1.59 cm) diameter cylindrical-shaped nugget with average length of approximately 1″ (2.54 cm).


Arctic Pure

Arctic Pure
Reduces sediment and chlorine odors for better tasting ice.

Guardian Slime Inhibitor

Guardian Slime Inhibitor
Patented technology that releases chlorine dioxide on a controlled basis to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi that form slime and cause odors in the food zone of ice machines.

B-400 Bin
B-400 Bin (Recommended Bin)
B-570 Bin
B-570 Bin (Recommended Bin)

C-730S Bin
C-730S Bin (Recommended Bin)

B-970 Bin

B-970 Bin (Recommended Bin)