Nugget Ice Machines Offer Superior Technology and Reliability

Our Standard Remote allows the user to place the fan of the machine outside of the building keeping heat out of the kitchen and dining area. For certain situations where noise and heat reduction is important, consider our QuietQube machines with CVD technology. Our patented CVD technology uses cool vapor rather than hot gas to harvest ice. It not only makes QuietQube ice machines the quietest ever; it makes them more reliable, more efficient, and provides high levels of ice production. Consider how much noise customers and employees face in your operation… and how much more inviting your operation will be with a quiet ice machine. Manitowoc Ice makes it easy to chew.

Product Features

***Commercial Warranty***

3-year Parts
2-year Labor
Compressor parts for 5 years and labor for 2 years.

Space-Saving Design

Up to 898 lbs. (407 kgs.) daily ice production and only 22″ (55.88 cm) wide.

Designed to Last

Evaporator is designed for maximum quality and operating life

Nugget Ice

Nugget ice provides a softer, chewable texture while still providing maxiumum cooling effect, 5/8″ (1.59 cm) diameter cylindrical-shaped nugget with average length of approximately 1″ (2.54 cm).

QuietQube Technology

Quiet operation eliminates most noise from the refrigeration system. Promotes a relaxing atmosphere

Simplified Installation

Ice machine is lighter in weight and 115 volt simplifies installation



Arctic Pure

Arctic Pure
Reduces sediment and chlorine odors for better tasting ice.
B-320 Bin
B-320 Bin (Recommended Bin)

B-420 Bin

B-420 Bin (Recommended Bin)