• Large, clear display with back light shows the current and set temperature and time—even in the dark.
  • Menu-driven programming make setup effortless.
  • Beautiful ergonomic design is smart and sophisticated to match your  lifestyle.
  • Touchscreen interaction
  • Real-time clock keeps time during power failures and automatically updates to daylight savings.
  • “Saving Changes” notification lets you know when the schedule changes have been saved.
  • Change/check reminders let you know when to service or replace filters or batteries.
  • Various Hold options allow you to override the program schedule, as desired.
  • Speedy same-schedule programming—no need to copy multiple days.
  • Armchair programming allows you to remove the thermostat from the wall for programming.
  • Programmable fan offers increased air quality when combined with a Honeywell whole-house air cleaner.

Powering methods-

  • Battery only
  • Common wire only
  • Common wire with battery backup
System types (up to 3 heat/2 cool or up to 1heat/1cool, depending on model)-
  • Gas, oil or electric heat with air conditioning
  • Warm air, hot water, high-efficiency furnaces, heat pumps, steam and gravity
  • Heat only—includes power to open and power to close zone valves (series 20) and normally-open zone valves
  • Heat only with fan
  • Cool only
  • 750 mV heating systems
  • Manual or Auto changeover selectable
System setting-
  • Heat-Off-Cool-Auto (Em. Heat for heat pumps)

Fan setting-

  • Auto-On-Circ