Features and Benefits

Easy to use up-front electronic controls with status light indicator

40,200 Grain Capacity

Efficiency (5100 gpg)

Maximum Hardness Removal (125 gpg) / Maximum Iron Removal (10 ppm)

Salt Capacity (230 lbs)

GE Exclusive Custom Select blending valve allows you to select how soft you want your water.

GE Exclusive Salt Saver helps reduce salt consumption and uses up to 34% less salt*

GE Exclusive SmartSoft Technology ensures there is always plenty of softened water available by “learning”
a family’s water-use patterns

GE Exclusive Days to Empty makes sure you never have to guess when to refill the salt tank

Uses up to 35% less water*

Self-cleaning sediment filter protects your home’s plumbing

Plumbing connection up to 1.25″
*Based on internal analysis. Verses GE water softeners manufactured prior to 2009
Model GXSH40V