Interior and Exterior Models—

    Twelve units (Natural Gas and Propane Gas)

    with self regulating maximum BTU/hr. inputs ranging from 150,000-199,000.

    Digital Main Controller—

    Interior models have a digital controller

    integrated into the front panel of the water heater with a default temperature

    range of 96°F-120°F (140°F maximum). Exterior models are shipped with a

    primary remote controller with a default temperature range of 96°F-120°F

    (140°F maximum). An optional Main Controller/Residential

    (p/n 239-44509-00) can be wired remotely and provides a default

    temperature range of 96°F-120°F (140°F maximum).

    Commercial Conversion Capability—

    For application flexibility, all models

    can be converted to a commercial model with the use of a commercial


    Commercial Controller—

    An optional Main Controller/Commercial

    (p/n 239-47805-00) is available for commercial and hydronic applications

    (maximum temperature setting for each model on reverse side).

    Continuous Flow—

    Supplies hot water continuously at the temperature set


    Heat Exchanger—

    Nine pass design to maximize heat transfer and


    Direct Electronic Ignition—

    No standing pilot.

    Fully Automatic Controls—

    Outgoing water temperature is monitored by a

    built-in sensor. Burner and combustion blower modulate between minimum

    and maximum input to maintain set point temperature.

    Diagnostic Capabilities—

    Error messages in numerical codes are displayed

    on primary control.

    Space Saving Installation—

    Compact size for tight installations (mounts on

    the wall).

    Lime Accumulation Sensor—

    Built into the heat exchanger to alert of


    Co-Axial Venting—

    Interior models can be vented horizontally through a

    wall or vertically through the roof. Maximum equivalent vent length is 41ft.

    Interior models have dedicated venting system components that must be

    ordered separately (see I&O manual for specific venting components).

Model Number- TG-180I-N

Installation- Indoor

Approx. Shipping Weight- 50lbs

Height- 23 in. x 14inx 9.5 in

Commercial Control Maximum Temperature Setting-160°F

GPM Flow Rate- Min. 0.6 – Max 7.5

EF Rating Nat. and LP- 0.82

Nat. BTU/Hr. Input- 15,000-180,000

LP BTU/Hr. Input- 15,000- 180,000