Anyone with a home has to learn about hot water heater maintenance. This can save you money, and from dangerous situations. A device like this is not going to work right if it is in bad shape or if it needs to be repaired

Your tank should have a quarter of it or more drained every year a few different times. When you do this, you are ridding the tank of debris and sediment. Before doing this, you’re going to want to turn the electricity to the water heater off or you need to make sure the pilot is extinguished.

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A hose can be attached to your drain valve and you need to have that going to a bucket. Keep draining the tank until you see clear water. As the hose drains the tank, hot water may come out so be mindful of where it’s pointed. You can drain the whole tank if you want to be sure you get rid of every bit of sediment.

Keep 2 feet of clearance around your hot water heater just to keep it safe. If you want to save some money on using it, then you should change the thermostat to just 120 degrees. Any time you lower the temperature 10 degrees, that saves you around 5% in electric bills. Beyond that, you should keep an eye on the area around your water heater for leaks just in case.

When your water heater is two years old or more, you need to look at the anode rod to see if there are any issues with it. If you notice that there are big chunks of the coating on the metal are missing, you must replace it. You can expect there to be a little bit of corrosion and pitting, however.

There are different issues that you may not be comfortable with fixing. If, at any point, there are issues with leaks or water not being heated properly it is okay to contact a professional. They are a lot cheaper to work with than having to pay to replace your water heater, so don’t hesitate if issues occur.

These hot water heater maintenance tips are helpful if you want to save money. If yours is not running efficiently or it needs to be replaced, it can end up getting expensive. Don’t let what you have in your home get to a point where it needs to be replaced.

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